About the PrenaTest™ in short

There are various ways that the physicians, tracing the course of your pregnancy, may use to check the health status of your unborn child. This website is dedicated to an absolutely safeand painless blood test that could be done at a very early stage of your pregnancy. PrenaTest™ isa contemporary third-generation DNA test that allows for determining whether you are at risk of having a baby with Down’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome or Edward’s syndrome as early as the beginning of the 9th week of pregnancy.

Congratulations! You are pregnant.

Probably all parents-to-be wonder if their child will be born into this world healthy.
Your doctor will inform you about the possibilities available for checking the health of your unborn child in the womb. Medicine calls these examinations prenatal. The majority of prenatal examinations report no anomalies, which also contributes to reducing anxiety and to a problem-free pregnancy.

One important element of prenatal diagnostics is the test for detection of the three most common fetal chromosomal abnormalities: trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) – one of the most commongeneticdisorders, trisomy 18 (Edward’s syndrome),andtrisomy 13 (Patau’s syndrome).

If you and your doctor decide to have your unborn child tested for these chromosome mutations, the non-invasive PrenaTest® is a risk-free alternative to amniocentesis (invasive amniotic fluid test). This latter is associated with a miscarriage rate of approximately 1%, while the PrenaTest® can establish with a great degree of certainty and with no risk for the mother and for the baby whether the unborn child has one of the trisomies listed above or not.

Human stories with the PrenaTest™

Each day wein PrenaTest touch human lives.
People who come to us look for answersand expectto get these answers with the required professionalism, high medical standardsandhumane treatment. These are some of their stories.
PrenaTest is an option that gives you the chance to know what to expect of your pregnancy. I wanted to know, so did it.

  • This test gave me the assurance that everything will be fine. There were no so such tests available when I was pregnant with my first child, yet I was not that anxious. I was much more anxious with my second pregnancy and I am happy that PrenaTestset me at ease from the very beginning.

    Dimana Ilieva Sofia
  • I am 38 andwe are expecting twins. PrenaTest was the only way for us to find whether everything with the babies is OK. Now we even know that that the kids’ room will be painted pink. 🙂

    Maria Vasileva Varna
  • My husband and I could not have a child for medical reasons. After many attempts and expensesI managed to get pregnant by means of an in-vitro procedure. I wouldn’t risk my pregnancy for the word. I am grateful to PrenaTest and to the wonderful people who provided me with this alternative.

    Anelia Stoyanova Plovdiv
  • My gynaecologist was maintaining that there is no need that I do the test, because the screening would have shown if there are any problems. I read quite a lot about incorrect results. I decided for the PrenaTestbecause of its only 1% of uncertainly, and I do not regret doing so.

    Silvia Evtimova Russe
  • I was terrified by amniocentesis. I couldn’t imagine subjecting myself and my child to such a procedure. I don’t know whether I did the right thing, but I preferred PrenaTest.

    Ruska Aleksandrova Stara Zagora
  • The test is new for Bulgaria and to be honest I encountered difficulties finding sufficient information in Bulgarian. I readlots of forums for expecting mothers in English and got convinced that early genetic testsare increasingly used in the developed countries.

    Elena Veleva Sofia
  • I underwent the PrenaTest exactly in my 9th week of pregnancy. It was much more expensive than an ordinary test, but my husband and I were convinced that it’s worth it. I doubt whether we would have been so at ease during the next months without having the resultsfrom the test.

    Ana Miklova Assenovgrad
  • PrenaTest is an option that gives you the chance to know what to expect of your pregnancy. I wanted to know,so did it.

    Marta Chakarova Varna

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