Price components

    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - опаковка
    PackagingThe set ofblood-collection tubesis provided by Lifecodexx toNMGenomics. It is specially designed for internationalair transport of biological material.
    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - Манипулация
    ManipulationLaboratory manipulation for blood sample taking in any of the hospitals, clinics, and laboratoriespartners for thePrenaTest.
    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - Транспорт
    TransportTransportation by courierto the laboratoryin Konstanz, Germany. The blood sample is delivered within 48 hours after being taken.
    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - Изследване
    AnalysisAnalysis of the blood sample inthe laboratory Lifecodexx; Quantitative determination of sufficientamount of foetal cell-free DNA; Sequencing; Evaluation of results using the bioinformatic Praenatest™ software.
    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - Резултат
    ResultsSending the results to the office of NMGenomix.
    Компоненти на цената на Пренатест - Становище
    Expert opinionSending the resultsto the attending physician and to a specialist in genetics.

    The investment inthe PrenaTest™

    Actually, the investment in the PrenaTest™ is investment in your ease of mind during your pregnancy. The PrenaTest™ package price isBGN 2399 for thePrenaTest™ expressandBGN 1899 for the standard PrenaTest™.The price covers the cost of the analysis, the courier transportation charges of the blood samples to Konstanz, Germany, and the consultation with the medical genetics specialist and the responsible gynaecologist, tracing the course of your pregnancy.

    Unfortunately, for the present the expenses for the PrenaTest™ are not covered by the National Health Insurance Fund. Yet, we are aware that the investment in this test, together with the normal pregnancy-related expenses may be a great burden to the family budget. That is why we have done our best to arrange for the ultimate comfort of our patients one-year interest-freecredit. You should just submit an application to UBB – Tsar Boris Branch Office and the bank shall issue, free of charge, in your name a bank card with interest-free credit limit for the amount of BGN 2399 to cover the expenses for the PrenaTest™. The interest free period under the deferred payment plan is either 6 or 12 months, as the monthly instalments shall be 1/6 or 1/12 part of the utilized amount. The bank shall not require a guarantor. After paying in full the expenses on the PrenaTest™, you can either close the card, or keep it and use it as an ordinary credit card.

    If you have additional health insurance, you may consult your insurance broker and inquire about whether your health insurance covers partially the cost of high-risk pregnancy genetic testing.