LIFECODEXXLaboratory, Konstanz, Germany

LifeCodexx AG е дъщерна лаборатория на GATC Biotech AG LifeCodexx AG  is a subsidiary of GATC Biotech AG, Europe’s leading provider of DNA sequencing services.

GATC Biotech is a leading European company forDNA sequencing and bioinformatics that offers its high-techservices toindustryand academicresearch laboratories. For over two decades, thecompany hasdevelopednew solutions to genetic problems, using DNA sequencing techniques both for separate genes and for whole genomes. In its work the companyapplies a personalized approach to each client, which is made possible byusing all leading sequencing technologiese.g. Applied Biosystems ABI 3730xl for Sanger sequencing, HiSeq 2000 of Illumina and GS FLX of Roche Diagnostics + the new generation sequencing system, and the newsingle molecule sequencing system PacBio RS of Pacific Biosciences. GATC Biotech services over 10000 clients of 40 countries worldwide and has subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, and Sweden.

In April 2010 LifeCodexx is assigned the task to carry out active research and development in the field of clinical validation of molecular genetic tests based on the use of new generation sequencing techniques. Presently, the laboratory is focused on developing fetal prenatal diagnostic testsfrom maternal blood. In its development LifeCodexx has benefited from GATC Biotech’svast experience of over 20 yearsin the field of sequencing. The main objective of LifeCodexx AG laboratory is to successfully develop as an innovativebio-technological companyin Europewitha powerfulnew-generation molecular diagnostic centre. The results from its work will make it possibleto offer effective treatmentof a number of diseases.

September 2011 is a key datein the development of LifeCodexx laboratory – this is the date of signing the 5-year termlicense agreement with the American company Sequenom – patent holder of the technology for fetal DNA analysis for detectinggenetic abnormalities in the unborn. This agreement entitles LifeCodexx todevelop and to offer on the European market the innovativeprenatal laboratory tests.

The two companieshave agreed to cooperate in the development of amolecular genetic test for detectingTrisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome), as well as some othergenetic abnormalities – primarily with patients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, and later on from other European companies as well. This agreement is laying down the foundation for the first trade partnership of Sequenom in Europein the field of prenatal diagnostics. For the purposes of these new developments in the field, Sequenom grants LifeCodexx the rights to several patents for a 5-year term. The patented technologyfornon-invasive testingfor fetalgenetic abnormalitiesofcell-free DNA, circulating freely in the mother’s blood plasma, is primarily developed by Dr. Dennis Loand his team.

Thus, since August 2012 the first non-invasive molecular genetic test for Down’s syndrome – PrenaTest ™ – isalready available on the European market.