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Starting today, April 5th 2013, PrenaTest™ is offered with 10% early bird discount for those who sign up before the end of 9th week of gestation.

PrenaTest с 10% отстъпка

PrenaTest™ is a revolutionary DNA test which detects the presence of fetal trisomies 21 (Down Syndrome), 13 (Patau Syndrome) and 18 (Edwards Syndrome) since the beginning of 11th week of gestation by testing mother’s blood. Its accuracy is extremely high, and the rate of false-positive results is very low (0.5%).

PrenaTest™ is carried out after the 12 week of pregnancy and is recommended for women with a higher risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome, Patau Syndrome or Edwards Syndrome. The pregnant woman, who has opted to undergo the PrenaTest™, should consult her gynecologist and/or medical genetics specialist, to be able to take the most appropriate decision for the development of her pregnancy.

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