Can any woman carry out the PrenaTest™?

Carrying out the PrenaTest™ is optional and there are no legal obstacles preventing each pregnant woman from carrying out the test. The test is recommended basically to women belonging to a risk group, however, each pregnant woman can enjoy the advantages and accuracy of the test.

I am pregnant and I am interested how I can get more detailed information about the PrenaTest™

The PrenaTest™ is a non-invasive prenatal diagnostic tool exclusively for pregnant women, who are after the 9th week of pregnancy. Only blood sample is taken and there is no risk for your pregnancy. You could be duly informed about the nature of the test by a physician or by a specialist in medical genetics. Also, you can get information about the PrenaTest™ from our specialized patient leaflet, which is available in the specialists indicated on our website in the Contacts section.

May I eat and drink before giving blood sample for the PrenaTest™?
Can the costs of the PrenaTest™ be paid under a deferred payment plan?

Yes. You should submit an application to UBB – Tsar Boris Branch Office and the bank shall issue, free of charge, in your name a bank card with interest-free credit limit for the amount of BGN 2399 to cover the expenses for the PrenaTest™. The interest free period under the deferred payment plan is 12 months, as the monthly instalments shall be 1/12 part of the utilized amount. The bank shall not require a guarantor. After paying in full the expenses on the PrenaTest™, you can either close the card, or keep it and use the credit limit of BGN2399 for other purchases, however under the standard interest rate, according to the Tariff Bulletin of UBB.

How is the PrenaTest™ carried out?

The laboratory specialist takes 20 ml venous blood from you, after you have familiarized with and have signed the information and consent form for the PrenaTest™. This blood is sent by a courier service to the LifeCodexx diagnostics laboratory in Konstanz, Germany, where it will be analysed.

Can PrenaTest™ detect other fetal genetic abnormalities?

Presently the PrenaTest™ detects only Trisonomy 21 (Down’s syndrome), Trisomy 13 (Patau’s syndrome) and Trisomy 18 (Edward’s syndrome) in the unborn. The test can already be used for testing in multiple pregnancies. It is expected the scope of application of the PrenaTest™to be widened to detect mucoviscidosis.

How accurate is the PrenaTest™?

Standard Trisomies – Down’s syndrome, Patau’s syndrome, and Edward’s syndrome are detected by the PrenaTest™ with a high degree of certainty. The accuracy of the test is near 100%.

At what week of pregnancy can I carry out the PrenaTest™?

The PrenaTest™ was initially validated in the laboratory of LifeCodexx in Germany with blood samples from women between pregnancy weeks 12 and 33. However, the specialists recommend that the test should be performed not later than the 20thweek of pregnancy. Please consult your physician about in which personal timeframe of your pregnancy after the 9 week the PrenaTest™ could be sensible for you.

Are the costs of the PrenaTest™ paid by the National Health Insurance Fund?

The expenses for the PrenaTest™ are not covered by the National Health Insurance Fund. If you have additional health insurance, you may consult your insurance broker and inquire about whether your health insurance covers partially the cost of high-risk pregnancy genetic testing.

How much is the PrenaTest™?

The price of the PrenaTest™ package is BGN 2399 for the PrenaTest™ expressand BGN 1899 for the standard PrenaTest™. The price covers the cost of the analysis, the courier transportation charges of the blood samples to Konstanz, and the consultation with the medical genetics specialist and the responsible gynaecologist, tracing the course of your pregnancy.

When can I expect the test results?

The analysis usually takes about 2 weeks (10 working days) upon blood sample receipt in the diagnostics laboratory in Konstanz. With the new PrenaTest™ express the term for receiving the results may be shortened to seven working days. The results are then sent to Bulgaria for analysis by a medical genetics specialist and for further consultation with your responsible physician/gynaecologist, who will inform you about the outcome of the analysis.

Where can I perform the PrenaTest™?

Blood sample for the PrenaTest™ is taken from the mother only in the laboratories of the clinics and practices in Bulgaria, duly authorized by NM Genomix and LifeCodexx. The blood sample analysis could be performed only in the laboratory of LifeCodexx AG in Konstanz, Germany, where the samples from all Europe are collected and which is the only CE certified organization, performing the respective computer analysis of the received data.

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